Private Training & Coaching

Private Handgun Carry Permit Class

We offer our Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class privately for you and your family and friends.  We can schedule this class to meet your busy schedule, including nights and weekends.  This class allows you to training to get your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit in our safe, comfortable environment, surrounded by people that you know.

For $500.00 you can have up to 10 students in the class and everyone receives our PREMIUM HANDGUN CARRY PERMIT CLASS which includes everything you need:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Range Fees
  • Targets
  • Eye Protect
  • Firearm Rental
  • Ammunition

This course is regularly $80.00 per person so this is a tremendous value.

Like all of our Handgun Carry Permit Classes, this course includes our LaserShot LE Pro Video Firearms Simulator.  By using our simulator you can experience shooting with recoil and report using real firearms that are safe to use in a classroom environment.  Whether you're an experienced shooter that needs a little practice before you qualify on the range, or you're a novice shooter who is nervous about shooting, this is a great way to practice in a safe, comfortable environment before you go to the range.  The LaserShot system allows you to shoot the actual course of fire required by the State of Tennessee and get coaching to improve your shooting fundamentals before you have to qualify on the range.

If your church, business or social group needs a fundraiser, each one of these classes you sell can raise up to $300 if sold at our regular price.

Please call the store at (865) 581-9108 or email for more information or to schedule your class!

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Private Coaching & Training

We offer private instruction in all areas of firearms carry and use for self defense.  Using our LaserShot Pro LE Video Firearms Simulator we can work extensively to improve your skills in a safe classroom environment.  With our simulator we can work extensively and inexpensively to practice your fundamentals, your draw stroke, moving and shooting, threat assessment and engaging multiple targets at multiple distances.

We offer live firearm range coaching as well on both indoor and outdoor range environments.

LaserShot LE Pro Simulator training with an NRA Certified instructor is $50.00/hour (for up to 2 people)

Range/Live Fire Coaching Sessions with an NRA Certified Instructor are $75.00/hour (minimum 3 hours) plus range fees, targets, firearms and ammunition.

Please call the store at (865) 851-9108 or email for more information or to schedule your coaching session.

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