S.I.A. Firearms

(865) 851-9108   Tuesday-Friday 10-7 / Saturday 10-5

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​Right on Middlebrook Pike Just East of Lovell Road across from the Food City

Closed Sundays and Mondays

9610 Countryside Center Lane, Knoxville TN 37931

(C) 2017 SIA, LLC

At SIA Firearms, we wanted to be different.  

We wanted to do something different. 

We wanted to make the firearm buying experience safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone.  We wanted to make even the novice feel at home in our store and welcome in our classroom, but still offer the range of products and expertise to supply the experienced shooter.

We wanted a store where we knew your name and you knew ours.

We believe we've done just that.

From the moment you step into our store, you'll see we're different.  We're not a "big-box store" and our store isn't a tactical supply depot.  

We cater to the firearms enthusiast, the hunter, the AR builder, the collector, the target shooter and those working to provide protection for themselves, their family, and their homes and businesses.

Our staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, with a genuine concern about your firearm needs and a willingness to provide you with our expertise.  We take the time to explain how firearms and accessories work, what makes one worth your hard-earned dollars, and what the best value is for your situation.  

All without talking down to you.

You should come in and see us today.

The coffee is ready, and beginners, children and dogs are always welcome in our store. 

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Save up to $40/year!

Simply the best firearms store in Knoxville.