This non-shooting class is for the beginning shooter and teaches everything you need to know to safely select, own, operate and maintain a handgun.  This 2 1/2 hour course covers all of the basics of handgun ownership and use.  It is a great course for the whole family and it is open to children as young as 10.

​This course covers:

•Carry Options
•Law & Liability

During this course you will get "hands-on" with various handguns in a safe, non-shooting classroom environment before you ever step on to a range.  Our NRA certified instructors will help you understand all about your handgun or help you make a decision selecting a firearm for self-defense.  This course is for the entire family and stresses safe gun handing and storage in a manner for everyone to understand.

This is a great course to take prior to taking the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class.

We use our LaserShot Pro LE Firearms Simulator that allows you to experience the feel of actual firearms - down to recoil and report - in the safety of the classroom.  We can work with you to master the basics of gun handling and marksmanship.

This course is offered twice a month with both daytime and evening courses for just $50 per person.  

You can also book a private class for up to 6 people for your family, friends, business or civic organization for just $150.

Please contact the store at (865) 851-9108 to reserve your class or for more information or email

Handgun Fundamentals Class

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