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Advanced Handgun Carry Class $75.00

If you carry a handgun for self-defense you need our Advanced Handgun Carry  Class!

 This Non-Shooting class uses our firearms simulator to train you to effectively use your carry handgun for self defense in a variety of real world situations.  It you have your handgun carry permit, you need this course to be able to defend yourself.

This course includes:

Holster & Carry Options
Draw from Concealment
Use of Sights, Lights & Lasers
Confrontations & Retention
Seated Draw & Deployment
Vehicle Deployment
Use of Cover & Concealment
Shooting and Moving
Engaging Multiple Attackers

This 4 hour course is taught entirely in our safe, comfortable training classroom with students moving and shooting using a simulator with recoil and report!

4 hours of classroom & firearms simulator instruction 

All training weapons and equipment are provided

Students are encouraged to bring their UNLOADED personal carry firearm & holster for specialized coaching

Required Equipment:
Appropriate clothing and footwear for a dynamic training environment.  Because this course will require participants to move and shoot in a variety of positions, requiring the participants to be able to demonstrate a certain level of fitness, all participants will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Advanced Handgun Carry Class