S.I.A. Firearms

Simply the best firearms store in Knoxville.

‚ÄčSIA Firearms opened in November of 2015 with the mission of providing products and services for the comprehensive protection of you, your family, your home, your neighborhood, and your business. We care about the safety of you and your loved ones and want to help you build a plan to provide for their protection.

 SIA stands for Security Investment Appraisal:

  • The Security you want for your family, your home and your business
  • The Investment you make to achieve that security though personal defense firearms and training
  • The Appraisal of your personal protection preparedness plans as well as our ability to offer a professional appraisal of your firearms for value and investment

SIA offers a wide selection of accessories for your firearms including:

  • Safes in all sizes and styles to secure firearms and valuables
  • Grips, magazines, stocks, scopes, lasers and other accessories
  • Ammunition and shooting targets
  • Firearms cleaning and maintenance products
  • AR Rifle parts, building kits and accessories
  • AR upper and lower receivers
  • Sights and Optics for Tactical and Precision Rifles and Handguns
  • Hard and Soft sided gun cases and range carry bags
  • Holsters both concealed and open carry and for a variety of carry options

We welcome special order items!

SIA Firearms provides an appraisal service for firearms. Accepting trades, as well as purchasing collections of firearms, enables SIA Firearms to provide a selection of used and collectible firearms to view in the store. SIA Firearms also offers a selection of customer artisan knives & accessories.

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